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Talent is not enough. Skill development and making the commitment to high performance Taekwondo coaching is what makes the difference. Success in the ring, requires a strategic, behind the scenes program, which is personally customised to ensure the delivery of a competitive edge. Get valuable advice from an experienced instructor during a private and quickly reach your goals! Whether on Fundamental or Peak or Elite or High level, you can quickly improve your technique and pick the duration of your lesson according to your needs! Maximize your learning experience with one of the best in the world.

When booking a private lesson athletes have the option to request their favourite HPAC instructor. If you want you can also invite friends or family of similar ability to join the lesson. By bringing along a partner you’re able to share the cost, and at the same time get the most out of your lesson.

To start the private lesson, our team would need to know what services you require. To guarantee improvements for athletes we recommended that you make an appointment email: before registering.

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Private Lessons

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