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program benefits for coaches

Coaches are leaders who do all they can to help athletes improve and succed. Coaching is a way of thinking and interacting with athletes that communicate high expectations, respect and caring. In this program, individuals learn the concepts and skills of a coaching style of management that builds commitment, drives employee engagement, gets results, and can be integrated into their existing repertoire of leadership skills.

What will coaches learn?

  • A clear, concise framework for coaching that stimulates high performace in others
  • How to energize athletes and give clear, precise direction that leads to results
  • Processes for confronting athletes who need to change behavior and / or improve performance
  • Conceptual maps for coaching athletes through transitions
  • Specific action plans for enhancing personal coaching effectiveness
  • Where to begin applying new coaching skills for maximum results and impact

What benefits will coaches realize?

  • A more productive, highly energized work environment where exceptional performance is the norm
  • Leaders who teach and inspire athletes to achieve higher levels of performance
  • Increased retention of high performers
  • Enhanced communication of critical skills and knowledge
  • A highly developed 'next generation' of skilled leaders to facilitate succession planning